Taking reality to the next level.

The Actual Reality Projector
from Phrenopolis Interactive

Why settle for virtual reality? With the new Actual Reality Projector from Phrenopolis Interactive, you'll be treated to sights and sounds so real you'll swear you were there - and you will be!

How is it possible? This amazing device uses patented extrapolation algorithms to generate imagery which closely matches your actual environment, starting from a small quantity of reference material1 housed in radial interpolation jars. It's like growing a tree from a seed, except you're growing a whole world and it happens instantly2. And starting from real-life objects rather than computer models allows the ARP to create the most realistic reality you've ever been a part of!3

What's more, you can bring your friends! The ARP was originally designed as a single-user helmet, but the projection mechanism has been mounted on the outside of the unit so that the experience can be shared simultaneously by a large number of viewers. No special equipment is needed to pick up the broadcast: simply by standing nearby, you will receive sensory data so similar to your genuine surroundings as to be nearly indistinguishable. Take a look around - we don't think you'll be able to tell the difference!

1: Five points of reference are needed to establish a three-dimensional space with an additional time component, so be sure that all the jars contain samples before activating the unit. Disparate elements will provide a superior dynamic range.

2: A small amount of time lag may be noticeable on older systems.

3: Units may function irregularly in parts of California, Missouri and Vermont due to the tenuous nature of reality in those areas.