The Phrenopolis Bureau of Time Conservation and Recycling brings you these

Exciting Events from The Future, Past, and Other Times

Real-World Gatherings for 2013

PAX East: March 22-24, Boston
Game Developers Conference: March 25-29, San Francisco
Maker Faire Bay Area May 18-19, San Mateo, CA
Electronic Entertainment Expo: June 11-13, Los Angeles
San Diego Comic-Con: July 18-21, San Diego
Penny Arcade Expo: August 30-September 2, Seattle
Maker Faire New York September 21-22, Queens
Alternative Press Expo: October 12-13, San Francisco

Phrenopolitan Holidays and Celebrations

Towel Day: May 25. As practiced elsewhere, a tribute to readiness, and to Douglas Adams.
Talk Like a Pirate Day: September 19. It's exactly what it sounds like it is.
POTW Anniversary: October 15. The Poem of the Week turns 18 in 2013.
Halloween: October 31. Halloween is a high holiday in Phrenopolis, which we celebrate by telling each other stories.
Grukday: December 16. A celebration of pithiness held annually on the birthday of Piet Hein.
Warren Robinett's Birthday: December 25. (Warren Robinett is the inventor of game designers having credits in the games they make.)

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