A note from curator and head hatchet Dave Grossman:

Most years around Halloween time I am compelled by forces unknown to carve pumpkins in grisly situations, which I set out for the entertainment of my neighbors. Well, here in the Big Tangled Web we're all neighbors, and a picture lasts a lot longer than a pumpkin does. Welcome to...

The Pumpkin House of Horrors

(Man, I've really got to redesign the House of Horrors for the current millenium, with bigger pictures and stuff like that. Next season for sure! In the meantime, enjoy the pumpkins!)
1996: Baby Beset by Flies

1996: Parasitic Twin and Vomit Pumpkin

Note: "Death Panel," "Playing in Traffic," "Oral Surgery," "Cannibal," and "Home Botox" are available on greeting cards or postcards at the Schwagatorium! (Your source for Phrenopolis touristy merchandise. More to follow.)
1997: Cannibal

1998: Missionary in Trouble
2000: Torn Apart by Wild Dogs

2001: Oral Surgery

2002: Hair Dryer on Reverse

2002: "Well, it's sort of a long story..."

2003: Electric Chair

2003: Tanning Booth Accident

2004: Demon Lord of Paper Cuts

2005: Skull Clamp

2005: Playing in Traffic

2006: Conjoined

2007: Home Botox

2008: Chimney Collapse

2009: Death Panel

2011: Food Chain

2012: The Yolk's on You

2014: Braces

2015: Tooth Decay

2016: Oedipus

2017: Two-Face

2018: by Max

2018: Tick