Phrenopolis Privacy Policy

Information Sharing: We at Phrenopolis value your privacy, because we value our own. We don't share any sort of information about you with anyone, not your email address, not anything. Fight spam!

Buying Stuff from the Stores: Phrenopolis does not retain any financial data about you whatsoever. Transactions are handled through reputable third parties so we don't have to.

Cookies/Web Beacons: Some of the ads you see on the Phrenopolis website are served by third-party companies (that's usually how it works with web ads). These companies may use cookies or "web beacons" to gather information. This is very common; however, if it bothers you you can always set your browser preferences to turn cookies off. We've stopped showing ads on the site, so, third-party cookies or web beacons won't be triggered anymore.