Phrenopolis Maximegalomporium

A Theoretically Infinite Shopping Mall with Only One Product

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    You are standing in the cavernous main showroom of the Maximegalomporium. A modern miracle of topology and applied physics, the main showroom houses the famous Moebius Shelf, an infinitely long surface which provides literally limitless opportunity for product display.

    The shelf currently contains a single item, as seen farther down this page.

    (Please note: The Maximegalomporium currently only ships within the United States (to make the life of the proprietor less complicated). If you live elsewhere, you might try, which sometimes carries this book.)
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    You see a book:

    The book is titled Ode to the Stuff in the Sink and bills itself as "A book full of amusing light verse and cartoons about things like beer, burning toast, shaving, and not doing the laundry."