Phrenopolis Municipal Art Gallery

Housed in the historic Parietal Building (fully restored following the unfortunate hooliganism of 1983), the Phrenopolis Municipal Art Gallery is home to a vast collection of contemporary art in a variety of styles and media (inquiries regarding the sale of specific works may be made via our contact page). The gallery's primary mission, unchanged since its establishment by Charles Municipal nearly seventy-five years ago, is the pursuit of that singular, burning, ultimate question that lies beneath all human endeavor:
"Is it art?"

The Schwenck Wing
Marvels of engineering design as used in Phrenopolis and elsewhere.
The Doris P. Neddlesham Wing
Currently showing a selection of post-Retro pre-Campist works by a various artist.
The Cloisters
Proudly presenting a selection of pencil drawings from Dave Grossman's landmark "Ode to the Stuff in the Sink."
The D'Arcino Wing
Now exhibiting a collection of small scale collages executed on compact discs.
The Perriwinkle Annex
Permanently housing a collection of "fantasy" Pez dispensers, including Cerebus, The Tick, Kenneth Fearing, and others.
Tiki Garden
Featuring one of the finest collections of wooden tiki statues in all of Phrenopolis.