Tiki Garden

Enjoy a stroll through our luxurious tiki garden, listen to the pleasant silence, and feel the heat of the tropics as you examine our collection of modern tiki statuary.

Creed Totems, Anchorage, AK
Height: 15"

A gift from the estate of Earl and Berenice Stevens.

Unknown artist, Waikiki, HI
Height: 17"

Purchased directly from the artist on Oahu; his name is unfortunately not recorded.

Unknown artist
Height: 11"

The origin of this piece is unknown. A half-inch diameter hole has been drilled upwards between the legs, perhaps indicating that it was once mounted on a pole or similar object.

A gift from the estate of Earl and Berenice Stevens.

"The Honeymoon Tiki"
Alii Woods, Honolulu, HI
Height: 14"

Purchased at a "junque" shop on the island of Kauai, 2003.

"Hanalei Guardian"
unknown artist, Honolulu, HI
Height: 16"

Purchased at Honolulu's International Marketplace in February, 2005, this tiki watched over the curator's room in Hanalei for the remainder of the trip.

"The Double-Header"
unknown artist
Height: 20"

Purchased at a souvenir shop in Kailua, November, 2008. Note the elegant two-tone wood.

"Munktiki Bowl"
Munktiki, Pacific Grove, CA
Height: 6"

The curator stumbled across Munktiki's studio in Pacific Grove completely by accident while on vacation in 2009 and bought this handmade bowl from them, along with a handful of old comic books. The artists were in the process of moving the studio to Oregon, so don't look for them in PG.


The collection also includes many smaller statues, salt shakers, lighters, and so on, acquired mainly at yard sales and thrift shops over the course of many years.