The Solar System Perspective Project
Stinson Beach
October 3-4, 2009

Crack of Dawn

How do Pat and Anna convince me to get up this early in the morning? On a weekend, no less?

Circus in Town?

Nope, it's another wedding on the beach! This time it was somebody Craig and Christina know, which is the reason we wanted to come out on this particular weekend.

We remembered the shovel! I somehow hoodwinked Pat into doing most of the digging.

Some people were out there walking pretty early. These guys turned up at Jupiter shortly after we put the post in the ground.

Adjusting the Sun

There was some wind, so we found ourselves periodically fiddling with the pipes and tent stakes that hold up the sun.

Note for those at home: The surface temperature of the actual sun is nearly ten thousand degrees Fahrenheit. Putting your hands on it is not advised.

Once the planets are up, there's time for relaxing. Here we see Pat, contemplating a new idea for simulating the motion of a binary star system as it hurtles through the galaxy.

But that's another installation altogether.