The POTW: Verse Til It Hurts


POTW #880
(Week of 10 May, 2015)

A ditty for my wife, from the men in her life.
Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there.


It's been a year, I'm all of one
So far I'm having lots of fun
Let me express my boundless gratitude
For you and your patience and can-do attitude:

Bah? Bah? Bah? Bah?
Pbblllll kkhhhhhh
Bah da da da ta ta ta ta

Which means, in short, thank you so much
For the soothing and wiping and feeding and such
About this world I have few qualms
So long as I know you're my mom

You helped me learn that I love broccoli
Let me play with the Tupperware and crockery
Kept me safe from dangers like honey
And Daddy's habit of dressing me funny

And sometimes I am antirelaxative
Wiggly struggly diaperactive
When all you're doing is trying to change me
A thing that I object to, strangely

I throw food on the floor and pull your hair
Screech without warning, topple the chairs
I laugh at the bad and I frown at the good
I make too much noise and don't nap when I should

I'm not sorry now, but I will be someday
Happy Mother's Day this Sunday!
I wrote this poem by myself
(Except the parts where Daddy helped)

Copyright © 2015 by Dave Grossman

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